Here is a list of all the Communities inside of the app.  You can join as many or as few as you would like.

HER Community - Celebrating all that is the HER Community.  We will be sharing #WeMetOnHER stories, updates, fun facts and more.

Hit Me Up! -  Selfie? Wyd? Hit me up? Time to make real connections. First step message, next step is yours!

Pride Celebrations - Parades, parties, proud, YOU. Pride is here and it's hella queer. Where will you be going? How will you celebrate? Link up, and how your Pride!

Strong & Single - Community full of badass people who happen to be single - Welcome

Relationships Unfiltered - It's time to get real about relationships. The sex, the love, the hurt. This community is here for it.

News & Entertainment - There's a queer side to every story. This community will keep you up to date on all things happening in our rainbow filled world.

Artists, Musicians & Creators - Let's make magic, music and art. Share your favorite pieces and creatives you are working on. Queer creators are the past, present and future, we need to celebrate you.

Sports Talk - Spoooooooooooorts. Whether you cheer for Fútbol or Football, let's talk about them. Cheer for them. And obviously, some playful trash talk too

Queer Connect - Networking? Couch to sleep on? It's time to connect. This one's for the business, world travelers and everything in between.

40+ Community - Older, prouder and queerer. For those 40 and older who paved the way and deserve their own space.

Queer Womxn of Color - This one’s for the highly melanated, never duplicated and very appreciated. This community is for you.

Trans Womxn - #TransIsBeautiful and strong and here. Your time, your space

Trans Men - Your community is here. Space to be unapologetically you.

They/Them - A Community for folx living life beyond the binary.

NSFW - Here is a safe space to explore more of what you want and freely express how you want it. With a few limits, time for you to find your hookup, fwb, share your fantasy or enjoy the view. Keep it safe, consensual and free.

Mindfulness & Wellbeing - Take a deep breath and be present in this community. This is your place to be kind and unwind, so you can get back on your grind.

Ask HER Anything - No question is too big or small - zero judgement, all answers

Recipes & Foodies - Serving up deliciousness that spans different diets, cultures and more. Let's bring food porn to your hand.

Random - If none of the communities work for your post, share your content here.

San Francisco Bay Area - For the thrills and hills of the Bay Area Queers. Find your people, places and parties in our local community. #hellaqueer

Communaute de Paris - Laissez votre fierté couvrir la ville de l'amour. Sortez et trouvez des événements locaux, de nouveaux endroits pour manger, et les bonnes ambiances de la communauté queer à Paris