Your subscription to HER Premium can only apply to one account on HER at each time. To make enable your HER Premium subscription on your new account you must delete your old HER profile. Deleting the app does not delete your profile, you must take the following steps below. 

  • Select My Profile 
  • Select Settings
  • Select Support 
  • Select Close Account 

You must then make sure that you are logged into the correct Facebook / Instagram account that your current HER profile is registered to. Log in to HER. You will then want to restore your purchase when logged in to this correct account. 

If you are using an Apple device (iPhone, iTouch, iPad); 

  • Select the HER Premium icon in the top left hand corner of Meet
  • Select Restore Purchase 

If you are using an Android device: 

  • Select the HER Premium icon 
  • Select Restore Purchase