Here are the details below of how you can update your profile on HER: 

Update main profile image: You can update your main profile image by selecting the small pencil icon in the top right hand corner of your profile. You can then select a new image and this will replace your old one.


Add images or text items to profile: To add a new image to your profile, select the ‘+’ icon on My Profile and select to add either an image or a text item. You can then choose to add an image from your Camera, you Photo Library, Facebook or Instagram. You can also upload any text item you want to, use this to tell people a bit about who you are!


Deleting an item from my profile: To delete an image or text item from your profile, just select the small cross in the top right hand corner of the image.


Rearranging pictures on My Profile: You can drag and drop the images on your profile to rearrange them


Previewing my Profile: You can select to see what your profile will look like to others by previewing your profile. You can view this by selecting ‘Preview” in the top right hand corner of My Profile.