If you followed the Close Account steps on your profile will have definitely been removed from the app. This means it will no longer be visible inside Meet and anyone you were talking to will no longer be able to view your profile. They will still see your message, but not your profile or information. If you posted to the Feed in the past 24 hours, that post will still be visible until the time line expires but anyone trying to view your profile will not be able to do so.

If you still believe there is an account of yours open, please ask the person that saw it to Report the profile so that we can review it. You can also send us the following details and we can search for it:

  • Email address linked to your Facebook account
  • Cell phone number with country code 
  • Your Instagram username 
  • First and Last Name and/or Nickname on the app

If you, or the person that saw the profile, can report the profile from within the app, it will be flagged and sent to us to review. You can also email the profile that you are referring to directly to us to trace by following these steps: tap the "^" to expand their profile. scroll to the bottom of their profile, down there is an option to "Share Profile".

Once we have this information we can locate your account and let you know next steps.