Bottom navigation buttons from left to right:

Browse/Meet section: This is where you swipe left/right on profiles to show that you are interested. 

Chat bubbles: This is where all of your messages live. Anytime you want to chat with someone you've matched with, you will come here. Paper: Communities are located here. We have over 20+ Communities with our over 4 million users for you to post photos, links, memes and more. 

Bell: All of your notifications are here. Whether it's that you've received a friend request, have a match or someone has engaged on your post in the community. 

Person: This is where you go to access your personal profile. Anytime you want to edit something on your profile or access your settings you come here. 

Profiles without Premium: Diamond in the top left corner. This is where you can purchase premium if you decide to.  

Profiles with Premium: There will be a rewind icon for you to go back and look at profiles that you have passed. 

Filter levels: Top right hand corner Where you can filter what you are looking for - Profiles without Premium have access to Age and Distance. Profiles with Premium can access age, distance, gender identity, sexual identity, relationship status, and last online