Not being able to immediately access the premium features you purchased can be annoying. This may happen if the app was reinstalled after you purchased premium or if you were logged out of your account. We have a few troubleshooting steps here to get you back to finding matches in no time. 
If you have already subscribed to HER Premium but the features are not working please try the following steps:
  1. Close & Re-Open your app. 
  2. Navigate to your settings menu. It should confirm above the premium features chart if you are a gold or platinum user. If you're not seeing that message you may need to restore your purchase.  

Restoring your purchase is like a reset button for your subscription status. Please follow the steps I've included below according to your device.
Please Note: You will not incur a second charge for this. It will just reinstate the features you were not able to see previously. 

For Apple Users: 
  • Going to My Profile 
  • Then tap on Settings in the top, left-hand corner 
  • Scroll down below to the list of Premium features and select 'Restore Purchase'
  • Then follow any additional prompts provided by Apple. 

For Android Users:
  • Attempt to select or use any of the HER Premium feature icons or Upgrade Access in settings 
  • Select 'Restore Subscription'

After that, you should be good to go! If you experience any issues during or after you restore your purchase, please Contact Our Support Team to let us know these steps did not fix your issue.