What Are HER Communities?

Inside the app we have Communities.  These are different areas where you can engage socially in a fun, safe, and supportive environment.  We created the Communities to provide a space to share your thoughts and interests, but also to have a new avenue to engage with millions of HER users worldwide.

The Communities are broken up into different topics and interests that will be filled with content that is dedicated to the LGBTQ+ community.  There is no limit to how many communities you can join and you can fully engage with posts and people.  

Join A Community

To join a community within the HER app simply:

Tap on the feed icon in the bottom center of your screen 

At the top center of the screen select ‘Communities’ and a list of available communities will appear. 

Select ‘Join’ next to the community of your choice and it will move into your ‘My Communities’ section.

Leave A Community

Inside the community, you want to leave, scroll to the top, and to the right of About you will see Member

Tap on that box with the check and you will receive a prompt to leave the community 

Tap on Leave and you will no longer receive any updates or information from that community

Create A Community Post


1. When you access the feed (last tab on the bottom) Click on the "+" in order to open the option to add a post to the community feed. 


1.  When you have tapped on the "Communities" tab and you see a list of communities, in the top right-hand corner there will be a pencil and paper icon.  Tap on that icon and you can create a post, and assign it to a community without even having to enter.

2.  Inside the community, at the top, right-hand corner the pen and paper will still be there for you to create a post.  There is also a space at the top of the community that looks like a status update, you can also create a post here.

Am I Required To Post In A Community?

We love seeing the activity, content, and voices of everyone in the community.  While you do not have to post in the community, it is highly encouraged.

Posts can range from photos, memes, links to articles, blogs, videos, gifs, and more.  Hopefully, that helps you to get started (if you choose!).

How Do I Engage With Another User's Post?

Great News!

You can like a post by tapping on the heart

You can comment on a post by tapping on the speech bubble

You can share the post by tapping on the Share icon next to the speech bubble

You can tag a friend/match or someone that has posted on the thread by using the @ symbol and then typing their name

How Do I Tag Someone In A Post?

When tagging you will use @ in front of the user's name.

When creating a new post you can tag:

- Friends

- Matches

If you are commenting on another person's post you can tag:

- Friends

- Matches

- Anyone else who has interacted with that post 

Get tagging! 

Reporting A Community Post

Have you found a post that has broken community guidelines?  

You can report the post by tapping on the "..." this is located on the bottom, right-hand corner of the post.  When you tap on the option you will have the option to report or block.  The content or community member will then be removed from the community feed.